She did it again...

...made someone feel special and created memories for forever. Just take a look...

One of my favorite things to do is plan and execute a birthday party that will always be remembered, by making that little someone feel so celebrated and loved.


Cake Pops

Of course when I saw how cute this idea was, I knew I had to at least try it once. I've made them twice now, once with cheesecake and the other with the standard cake and frosting, and I would definitely make them again!

The cheesecake pops were delicious but most certainly more difficult to work with.  My suggestions to you when trying to make your own cake pops (and of course this is from my VERY unprofessional opinion) would be two things...

1. try not to chill the cake balls more than you have to, or at all. It makes it much more difficult to work with the chocolate, as it chills the dipping chocolate too quickly.

2.  use a cake and frosting recipe that you know you already love the taste of and don't over do it on the frosting addition.

There are TONS of cake pop ideas to meet every celebration, theme, and just because.  Just check out Bakerella, the one who I believe started this craze.  And google image search what everyone else is doing too.  So fun!

I made these for one of the "Pop's" in my life.


Fall Vintage Wedding Cupcakes

I loved creating these...only thing, I wished that I had made more.  They literally disappeared in minutes.  The Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Buttercream featured chocolate curls.  (Lots and lots of chocolate...mmmm...).  The White Cake with Vanilla Buttercream featured candied pearls.  The leaves were shaped from my now favorite yummy Marshmallow Fondant and dusted with petal dust.  And the lace cupcake liners I cut from circle paper doilies - which was far less expensive to make than to buy already made, and just as pretty.